Frequently Asked Questions:

Everything you need to know and some stuff you probably dont. Catch us on Insta if theres any other queries at all - we'd love to help!

When you say "Micro-Roaster"...?

We are a tiny, family run, artisanal coffee roaster. We do everything from home - not as some cost saving measure, or even due to Covid, but simply because this is how we want to start out.

We love coffee and have been roasting our own at home for quite some time, with a shared dream of turning our passion into a business. We see being small and taking our time as a massive bonus, and an advantage to some extent.

The plan? We'll roast in a couple of sessions a week, always to order, and set a reasonable limit to how many orders we'll take on per month. (Don't worry - there's a waiting list and we WILL get to you!)

Because of how the economy of coffee works our profits will be initially be tiny, but we are ploughing 100% of those profits back into the business and we have some big goals for the future! You'll be helping to support a fledgling local business and as we grow, (and start to be able to get better wholesale pricing and benefit from an economy of scale), we'll be able to diversify our offering and adjust our prices down a little for you too!

Supporting grass-roots, local business while sipping on the first and only coffee roasted in Belper... It's a feeling worth waiting for!

Where do you roast?

We are a micro-roaster based in Belper. We import beans from all over the world, but they are Roasted right here, to order!

So what's on the menu?

Our offering is small and limited by design. We are a small startup, crafting something we are passionate about so we are happy to start small, grow slowly and plough all profits back into the business.

We roast and do all packing and marketing in our spare time initially, so we are limiting the amount of coffee we sell each month to ensure quality and consistency.

Initially then, we will offer a signature Espresso Blend, Signature Filter Blend and Swiss Water Decaf. As soon as is viable, we will also start offering a seasonal single origin or single estate guest coffee.

Do You Do Decaf?

Oh yes! For many people, the point of coffee is caffiene. But we know we aren't roasting for "many people", we are roasting for people who value great quality coffee, and who appreciate a wide variety of complex flavours and characteristics we are working hard to bring out. You should be able to enjoy all that without the caffiene too!

How dark do you roast?

We care deeply about getting the most out of each bean everytime. Roasting to a "Dark Roast" obliterates the complex aromatics and natural flavours in the bean we are trying to highlight, so we never roast past Medium. Whatever's best for the bean, so between Light and Medium Roast

But I like a nice strong coffee!

Its a common misconception that "Dark" roasts are stronger. In terms of caffiene, they are actually less strong, as some of the caffiene content gets roasted out (Lighter Roasts = More Caffiene!).

Also, in terms of a strong taste and body of the brewed cup, well we'll give you a guide for your brew method of choice, but if you want to pop another tablespoon of coffee in your French Press for a stronger brew, it's totally up to you!

Where do you deliver?

Part of our decision to keep things small to start also limits what we are currently willing to / or economically can do. This includes not only the amount of coffee we can roast in any given week, but how we are distributing. In the future, when we are able to scale enough to make a fulltime commitment, we will be expanding our delivery offer, but for now, it makes sense to focus on the local market, Roasting for folks in and around the area.

Is your coffee Fairtrade?

Thats a good question - but a tricky one to answer, because of how the global coffee market works and the logistics. Even a "single origin" bean often still comes from a range of farms and often across a range of regions of the country - this is especially complex when dealing with blends. As it is very early on in our journey, our blend will evolve and other coffee blends and single origin offerings will join it - so tracking the accreditations (unless you're a big guy like Starbucks or Costa), is very hard! In response to this, various importers work hard to facilitate programs which offer a host of better deals for farmers, support local infrastructure, education as well as being able to guarentee that all the coffee passing through a particular washing station is organic, or meets RFA standards (Rain Forest Alliance certification - a popular alternative to Fairtrade certification).

In selecting our beans for our blends, we will factor in things that are important to us and programmes we wish to support, such as fair deals for farmers, inclusivity and ethical practice. As we develop as a business, we will be reflecting this in our marketing a whole lot more!

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