New filter blend launches for Belper Coffee Co

Published: Sunday, June 12, 2022

This morning, we sat down to do our final taste testing for our first brand new blend since we launched back in February this year!

It was always our intention to diversify our coffee offering a little, while ensuring we keep things really simple and manageable, while we are keeping our operation nice and small!

Adding a blend specifically designed to shine as a filter blend helps us focus in on really making the best of different brew methods. Our initial offering, named "Founders' Blend", was intended to work across all brew methods. While being convenient, there is a measure of compromise involved in making a blend fit all scenarios, and moving to two different offerings, one for filter and one for espresso, means we can focus each roast profile in different ways.

About our new coffees

Our Filter Blend comprises African origin coffees, which showcase gorgeous ripe berry notes, a lively acidity and light, floral notes in the finish!

Although the focus of this blog post is our new Filter blend, we have of course complimented this with the introduction of a new specific Espresso blend, which now comes in to replace our "Founders' blend". Our new espresso roast, borrows from Founders' but allows for slightly more roast development, bringing forth more nutty and chocolate notes - especially lovely with milk as a latte!

Our new blends are available exclusively through our new website on our new WEEKLY roasting schedule, making it even more convenient to get your taste buds round some locally roasted, home made, specialty coffee in Belper!