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Published: Friday, November 11, 2022

So exciting to see our ad and write up in The Belper Magazine last week. We'll be coming uo to the end of our first year of trading just after Christmas so its a really good time to get to chat through the story so far and give a little insight into our process and plans! Check out the article below and some of the photos you'll see, as well as the ad that ran along side it!

Thank you again to all those who've helped up get this far!

Article follows:

Local family turns passion to profits with new home-roasted coffee business in Belper

Started from home during lockdown, Aaron, Holly and family handle all aspects of Belper’s newest coffee roasting company in-house, from inventory management and roasting to marketing, branding and website design. Belper Coffee Co is Belper’s first specialty-grade coffee roasters, albeit a self-styled, “micro-roasters”. They roast from home, in very small batches for local coffee lovers on a weekly basis.

“We actually started roasting at home a couple of years before the pandemic hit and always thought it might be nice to make a little to sell to the local community as well”, Holly explains.  “I think the lockdowns really propelled that from a thought to reality, partially as a way of trying to bring some extra money in when we really needed it, and perhaps partially to keep us sane!”

14 (medium)

“We are trying to keep things nice and small initially by just focusing on a couple of core “house blends”, explains former barista, Aaron Itzerott, who together with wife, Holly, is the co-owner of Belper Coffee Co. “We're currently offering two medium-roasted blends. The first is a fruity African blend for filters and pour overs, which features beans from Tanzania and Ethiopia. The other we’ve crafted for espresso, which is based on a lighter Columbian roast than you’d usually find in espresso blends. Our blends are constantly evolving and being refined and we are looking to add a monthly single-origin guest coffee soon as well.

In the past few months, Belper Coffee Co also started trading in the high street, thanks to local deli Reunion Belper on Strutt Street. This has helped reach a wider audience and get people talking! As they look to the future, they also acknowledge that they are in no rush to get there.

“Although we have big plans and aspirations for the future in terms of upgrading our capacity and supplying to local cafes, I think we are just really enjoying the fact that this is currently something we can manage at home with the kids. It still feels like a hobby in that way, and I think our customers quite like that too!”

All Holly and Aaron’s coffees come as wholebean or ground to order in 227g valved and lined paper bags.  You can order today via the website,, and find them on Instagram and Facebook to follow their journey and say hello.

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